Development Plans: 4.0 and Modules

GD CPT Tools Pro development will be very intense in the coming months. Main focus is to finish some of the planned features in current 3.7 branch, before moving to major 4.0. And, plugin will get 2 modules by the end of this year.

Current, 3.7 branch will get 2 or 3 more minor revisions that will add new custom fields, improve meta boxes and add roles based control over custom fields and meta boxes. Also, things will be prepared to get more new features when the development of 4.0 starts in late september. GD Custom Posts and Taxonomies Tools Pro 4.0 released is expected by the end of October 2012. New version will include improvements to the user interface, tabbed meta boxes interface, custom posts statuses editor, custom rewrite rules for third party post types, improved bbPress integration, mass editor for post types and taxonomies and few more things. Roadmap for this version is already updated: plugin development roadmap.

But, I also plan to work on some new things, that at first, I wanted to make into new plugins, but since GD CPT Tools Pro allows use of modules, I decided to make two modules for it. Features are related to post types and some users will find them useful:

  • Index: Module will add new taxonomy to index all posts for a post type by the first later in the post name. You will get index pages listing posts by first letter, widget with indexes and few more things.
  • Posts To Posts Relationship: For some highly complex data structure and connectivity between posts of different post types, module will implement connectivity between posts.

Modules will not be free, each module will cost $39.00. This will be one time payment only, and to use a module you need valid license for GD CPT Tools Pro. Support for the module will be valid for as long as your license for the plugin is valid. There are some licensing and prices changes coming from September 1 2012 that will prepare everything for modules, and Developer License will include modules for free. More information about these changes are coming soon.

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